Key Benefits For Using TransLight Products

  • When working with TransLight Corp TLC, you will be assured that knowledgeable engineering and technical support is available for resolving all your lighting situations.
  • Superior quality assurance during the life of the product. Our Replacement Warranty assures return of failed components.
  • Our lamps have TLC two for one replacement warranty for any lamp that fails prematurely because of defects in material and/or workmanship. In addition, our 100,000-hour life lamps are warranted for ten years, and each lamp is marked with a “Warranty Expiration” date.  The "Warranty Expiration" date is marked on the base.  Example, "WE0118" would be "01" for January, and "18" for the year 2018.  Lamps are warranted until the expiration date.
  • Only the highest quality state-of-the-art material, technology, manufacturing procedures and workmanship are used, assuring maximum reliability.
  • Prompt delivery.  Inventoried products will be shipped within two working days. When TransLight is selected as your supplier, your products will be inventoried to meet our two-day policy.
  • Competitive price warranty – After purchasing our product/s, if you find an equivalent product at a lower price, TLC will match that price, minus 10% of the difference, with credit applied on your next purchase. We will not be undersold on equivalent operating characteristic products and materials.
  • The President of TransLight was Vice President and General Manager of General Electronics Mechanical Services (GEMS) from its inception in 1988 until 1997. In 1997, TransLight Corp (TLC) was formed by the former Vice President and General Manager of GEMS, to serve the transportation industries' and in our personal opinion, with higher reliability and quality products.
  • TLC personnel and affiliates are recognized for their technical expertise in lighting configurations and applications and have memberships in the National Committee of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) – The Association of American Railroads (AAR) - The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of way Association (AREMA) – Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) – Illuminating Engineering Society of North American (IES).
  • It is the opinion of railroad personnel using TLC lamps that they are superior to all other brands, and are offered at very competitively prices.  They are above the industrial norm for performance and reliability.

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