Products Being Researched and/or
Developed and/or
in Patent Pending Status

  • Medium Screw Base (MSB) lamps for transit signaling, railroad locomotives and transit car applications.

  • HID Seal beams, Halogen PAR Lamps, LED Headlight (Patent Pending) for Avionics, Automobiles, Motorcycles, and all other applications where various projected beam patterns are applicable, including, Headlights for locomotives (anticipated availability 1st quarter 2008), Landing lights for aircraft (anticipated availability, 1st quarter 2008), off highway vehicle applications, Heavy Construction Equipment, Farming Implements, Snow plows and Stage lighting.

  • Intermediate Screw Base (ISB) Rough Service Lamps for locomotive applications (Some available now, see Locomotive lamp table for selection.

  • Slide-on Color Light Signal Reflectors (Patent Pending).

  • Exterior Electrical Power Status Indication Light fixtures (Under development, anticipated availability 1st quarter, 2008).

  • Conversion lamp socket adaptors for converting existing antiqued lamp socket to use various popular readily available state-of-the-art lamps (some available now, see adaptor table).

  • TransLight will always be readily available with technical support to resolve any lighting problems, including the suggested selection of components for your applications and/or consider developing lamp/s or components for your specific applications.

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