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Slide-on Lamp Mounted Reflector for Color Light Signals

Increases projected beam pattern by up to three times.

This Patent Pending Device was masterfully designed to increase brightness and distant beam candlepower projection, overall conspicuity within the existing lenses optics, thereby reducing the chance of ambiguities of illuminated color signal aspects displays and increasing distance viewing for safer train operations. The mounting design of this reflector is configured for slide-on mounting onto the lamp’s base area, assuring consistent focal alignment and easing field installation without any tools, and once installed, will not move by vibration or shock.

Easy field installation:

  1. Remove the existing lamp from the socket. If the lamp has a solder connection at the top of the base, place the open end of the reflector’s clamp base so the solder connection will be between the clamp opening, then proceed to Item 2.
  2. Slide the reflector up from the bottom of the lamp’s base with the reflector positioned so the 2-pins on the lamp’s base will permit the reflector to slide over the pins (pins must be aligned so they will go between the clamp opening and the reflectors base notch), until it stops at the top of the lamp’s base flange.
  3. Insert the lamp into the socket with the reflector pointing toward the lens (if the lamp has a solder connection, it must be aligned toward the lens). Rotate the Reflector so that the outer rim of the Reflector is parallel to the lens. Check to make sure the lamp illuminates.

Installation done in less than 1-minute, and Slide-on Reflector is reusable.  Installation instructions are printed on the 10-piece cartons.

  Click the following links for Adobe PDF documents:

Color Light Signal (CLS) Reflector Product Introduction Flyer

Installation of the CLS Reflector Slide-on Lamp.

Projected Beam Pattern with and without CLS Reflector.

ISO Plot Lamp with and without CLS Reflector.

Narrative Associated With Adding Reflectors to Lamps in Color Light Signals

The two generic Signals used for train control operations are the Color Light and Searchlight Signals. When comparing these two items, searchlight signals have more beam candlepower projection than color light signals, and with some railroads replacing searchlight signals with color light signals, we have been asked: “Do you have any lamps that will make color light signals as bright as searchlight signals?” Our answer was no because of existing electrical limitation for lighting devices (lamp amperage requirements). Because of the user’s desire for maximum beam candlepower projection, our answer is to try, before you buy this specifically designed slide-on reflector that readily mounts onto existing in-service signal lamps. After you evaluate and are satisfied with the improvements, then buy.

Train control color light signals are configured for maximizing beam candlepower projection with lens optics for controlling far and near beam patterns so train crews can maximize safe train handling operations. Color Light beam patterns are limited by using only focal light point projection. The parabolic reflectors within searchlight signals are designed to utilize as much of the light from the light point source (lamp filament) as possible. For color light signals, the duplex lens set (color inner lens and clear outer lens) were designed to utilize the optical distance of the light point source (lamp filament) and the focal center of the lens set. The small diameter design and radius for the portion of the sphere used for the concave curvature of our slide-on reflector, utilize other light from the lamp, similar to searchlight signals and projects it onto the full diameter of the inner lens to increase projected beam candlepower performance of the existing light source by up to three to four times, while rejecting exterior light penetration.  Based on known lighting logic that the brighter the projected light from a color signal makes the intended displayed color more distinguishable, and decreases the possibility of exterior light obliterating displayed colors, thereby reducing the chance of the phantom color display phenomenal.

Reflectors are packaged 10 per carton, and therefore must be ordered in 10 reflector cartons. For a sample, questions and/or comments, please call our main office.  Ordering and Reference information shown below.

T-4 Lamp with
Slide-on Reflector

Ordering Information

Reflector, Slide-on, Color Light Signal, Bayonet Base Mount, for either S-11 or T-4 Shape Lamps.
TLC P/N.    SOR-CLS1     Packaged in 10 pc Carton.

Call 904 288 0070 For Price
S-11 Lamp with
Slide-on Reflector

Notice: This Slide-on Reflector is a “Patent Pending” device, and any
infringement thereof will be vigorously defended by Legal action.

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