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 TransLight Order Number:H-13V18W-RS

 Design Voltage:13

 Design Wattage:18

 Design Amperage:1.38

 Initial L/CP +-10%:250/20

 Glass Shape:T-4

 Filament Type:C-6

 Average Rated Life
     Expectancy (ARLE) Hours:9,000

 Ordering Information:
Lamp, T-4, 13-Volt, 18-Watt, ARLE 9,000 Hours - TLC PN H-13V18W-RS

 Additional Information:
T-4 Halogen Gas Railroad Signal Lamp, American Made, Orders must be made in Multiples of 10, T-4 Type Signal Lamps - ANSI QMS


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All T-4 and S-11 lamps listed on these sheets have the following design characteristics:
1. Length to Center of Light (LCL) dimension of 1 , plus/minus 1/64 of an inch.

2. Measurement of Overall Length (MOL), does not exceed the 2 industrial standard for railway signaling applications.

3. All lamps are clear glass, unless noted Single Contact Bayonet Bases (SC Bay), made of brass, Nickel or Gold Plated.

4. Shipments are FOB Jacksonville, Florida, Prepaid and added to the Invoice. Credit Card orders accepted.

SPECIAL NOTE - Glass Bulbs Are General Electric 180 Aluminosilicate Glass - No Special Handling Required

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